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DGFT Login

DGFT Login: The Directorate General of Foreign Trade under the MCI makes it mandatory to enroll for Key Business Identification Number. The process of enrolment is referred to as Importer Exporter Code ( IEC). The Key business identification number is enrolled for the businesses conducted through imports/exports services or technology providers.

The importer exporter code bearers shall be provided with benefits linked to foreign trade policy or specified technologies or services. The IEC is reserved for firms that fall under the category of proprietorship, LLP, LC, Trust, HUF & society. In addition to the GST, and PAN of the registered firms, the DGFT issues IEC numbers.

DGFT Login 2021 www.dgft.gov.in Registrations Check Status:

The functionality of DGFT:

The basic functionality of the DGFT is to regulate, promote and manage foreign trade. With objectivity of improvisation of the exports of the Nation. Depending upon the government policies and the national interest, they can control the regulation to improve import/export. 

Liberalization Policy led to DGFT:

DGFT came into existence when the country opened up for globalization and took to the liberalization of the economic policies in 1991 under able finance minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh.  The policies are directed towards the inflow of foreign business corporates into India and the outflow of Indian National companies vice versa.

It is during this period, the government realized the need of lifting up the prohibitions and encouraging the promotion of trade with foreign countries. The government defined measures and countermeasures to facilitate the export/ import businesses through the establishment of the DGFT marked under the MCI.

Hallmarks of DGFT:  

1. DGFT has bagged ISO 9000:2008 for its outstanding performances in facilitating the import/export businesses or technology service providers. 

2. As a part of the organization services, they made a progressive advancement in international trade, anti-dumping issues, World Trade Organizations agreements. The organization renders expertise support in making the decisions in an global dynamic environment.  

3. The exporters receive scrips/authorization and gain support from DGFT in being monitored, which is obligatory in nature. 

4. Headquartered in New Delhi, the organization takes responsibility for the formulation and implementation of the Foreign Trade Policy. The organization has set up 24 regional offices in different parts of the nation.

They are:

  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur
  • Panipat
  • Hyderabad
  • Indore
  • Chennai
  • Coimbatore
  • Delhi
  • Ernakulam (Kochi)
  • Guwahati
  • Jaipur
  • JammuKanpur
  • Pune,
  • Rajkot
  • Srinagar,
  • Surat
  • Vadodara
  • Varanasi
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Kolkata
  • Ludhiana
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bengaluru

DGFT’s Additional Services for Importers/Exporters:

1. Export Promotion Councils/ Commodity Board issues Registration-cum-membership certificate ( RCMC) which is authorized by the Indian Government. The certificate validates the registered products with an agency/organization. The products that are controlled pharmacy substances should be prescribed electronically to ensure safety and security. Hence the RCMC encourages prescribers to write and transmit prescriptions. 

2. On registering for eBRC an exporter can benefit seven percent of the export value in accordance with the Merchandise Export from India Scheme(MEIS) as issued by the Central Government.

3. DGFT allows the beneficiaries to track their status of the complaint, grievances, application, approval of their products and services for exports/imports, etc.

4. From the DBFT  web portal one can gain easy access to e-Sanchit, which is a repository of indirect tax documents of import/export/technology service providers. The associated business with DBFT can obtain clearances just by uploading the supportive documents at e-SANCHIT.

Mandatory Documents for the IEC Code Number:

An applicant when applying for the IEC code number must produce the following documents and is mandatory. They must make an online submission of their PAN number, current bank account, and banker’s certificates. Besides it, the applicant must remit an application fee of INR 250.00 and the physical application along with essential documents must reach DGFT RLA within 15 days.

Dgft Login Process:

1st step: To log in to the DGFT Login portal, Traders must visit the official website i.e. https://www.dgft.gov.in/CP/#.

2nd Step: On the DGFT home page, Traders should click on the ‘login tab’ option which is available at the top of the web page.

DGFT Login: page

3rd Step: The registered trader must enter the user name, password, and captcha code and then click on the login button.

Enter Login details

Register on the DGFT portal:

1st step: To register on the DGFT portal, the Traders must visit the DGFT portal and click on the Login Option.

2nd Step: After getting the Login page, you need to go to the register page and start to fill in the details on the registration page.

click on the register

3rd Step: The Traders must tap the drop-down menu and then select depending on the trader’s profession. It may be importer, exporter, certifying authority- CA, CMS, CS, Technical authority, foreign importer, and exporter.

DGFT Login register

4th Step: An applicant can register easily by just filling in the columns that refer to personal details and entering the captcha code.

5th Step: Tick on the terms and conditions of the registration page and click on the send OTP button.

6th Step: The web portal shall send an OTP to the registered mobile and it will automatically register the beneficiary provided the details are properly mentioned.

The license status of DGFT :

The license transmission details for MEIS/ROSCTL/ROSL/SCOMET can be obtained with ease. Besides, IEC the applicant can find the license status over the web portal with the LIC number.

1. Open the license status link: http://dgftebrc.nic.in:8090/MiscQry/Lic_index.jsp.

2. Applicants should Enter the LIC number, IEC code, Captcha shown above the box and click on the submit button.

Enter license details

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IEC Important Key Component in Denied Entity List:

An exporter may have got their products and services denied at the ports and it can occur across any ports of India. The Director-General of Foreign Trade shall provide a Denied Entity list to the importers/exporters. The importer/exporter can search for their DEL status online and the process is simple.

The applicant must enter the Importer Exporter Code, enter the firm name (at least the first three characters and then type in the captcha code and then click on the View IEC button. The resulting web page shall display the list of the denied entity list wherein the IEC refers to the basic key information of the importer/exporter.

The Director of General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) releases a list known to be Denied Entity List (DEL) and it is applicable across all centers where imports and exports activities undergo. Any importer or exporter can check the status of DEL online and it is applicable to all in India. The citizens who have IEC numbers can enter the home page of the Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT) at http://dgft.gov.in/  

Any IEC number holder can check for their Denied Entities from the Denied Entity List (DEL) online.

1. The applicants should visit the DGFT Official Portal i.e. www.dgft.gov.in/cp/.

2. Once you enter into the DGFT main page, applicants must enter the IEC number, captcha code and click on the submit button.

Significance of Importer Exporter Code:

Organizations that work under the Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Limited Company, Trust, HUF, Society have to enroll for the importer-exporter code. It is a unique 10-digit alpha-numeric code and the DGFT issues the IEC on a separate application form.

The prerequisite condition is the submission of the PAN details of an entity is essential. Except under specific conditions, a person or entity must possess IEC and this is mandatory. However, after the induction of the GST in the Income Tax department IEC is issued on the firm’s PAN card number.

DEL Management Procedures:

1. The individuals’, persons’ owning and controlling these entities can appeal against the refusal of license and is mentioned in section 15 of the Act. This info is explicitly expressed in the DEL order.

2. The DEL database shall be made available by the port offices and it comprises complete information on the IEC No of the firm. The data consists of the firm’s name, registered offices, branch offices, partners, proprietors, and directors’ names.

3. The license benefits once denied to the firms the same shall extend to individuals/persons/owning and controlling these entities.

4. The DGFT is making the data completely centralized at the headquarters and port offices shall be instructed to manage the authorized protocol in the aspects of DEL issues.

5. The concerned authority under the approval of DGFT can remove any entity from the DEL. 

6. The most common instance that leads to the refusal of the license is when firms default on export obligations, not withholding the fulfillment committed under export promotion schemes.

7. The licensing authority shall serve demand notice to the entity to submit evidence of fulfillment in a time frame. In case a firm fails to produce the necessary documentation then the port authorities shall issue a refusal of license abiding under Rule 07 of the rules and the firm’s name shall continue to be in DEL.

8. The port authority shall transfer the DEL to the enforcement division for further investigations/adjudications.

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