How to Get TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount? TS DBT Response Status White Ration Card Holders

How to Get TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount?

How to get TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount: The Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekar Rao (KCR) Garu has released Rs.1112 Crore budget to give the financial support to the White Ration Card Holders in the state of TS.

Due to the Coronavirus effect, the state of Telangana has completely shut down from 22nd March 2020. So, the government has introduced the TS New ration card as well as TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount Schemes on 12th April 2020.

The CM KCR Garu said in the press Meet about the Rs.1500 amount and Free ration distribution Scheme eligibility criteria and other related information. This is very good news to the Poor people who are helpless due to the lockdown. Beneficiaries can utilize the scheme benefits as on the mentioned dates.

How to Get TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount? TS DBT Response Status

In the same way, the TS state government has started to distribute the ration and Rs.1500 amount to the white ration cardholders from 15th April 2020. Still, now more than 22 lakh people have credited Rs.1500 amount to their respective Bank accounts from 15th April 2020 onwards.

The Scheme benefits are like fifteen hundred cash has only credited to the beneficiaries who have zero balance account (Rupay Card account). Those who have not Zero balance account which is linked to their Aadhar card were not credited Rs.1500 amount. 

In this article, we have given the information about the Telangana KCR Rs.1500 amount Scheme & Free ration distribution, Eligibility criteria, and How to Get TS KCR Rs.1500 Amount? Process and etc. So Beneficiaries who have not credited the amount of 1500 rupees can follow the instructions which we elaborated below and apply Online. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The beneficiaries must be a Citizen of Telangana State
  • Applicants must have a white ration card issued by the State government.
  • To get Rs.1500 amount, applicants must have a Zero balance bank account which is issued by the state bank of India (SBI).
  • Pink ration cardholders will not eligible to get scheme benefits.
  • Applicants’ Aadhar card should be linked with a zero balance bank account.


  • The beneficiaries would get Rs.12kg rice per person in the family at free of cost and 2 kg Sugar.
  • The Zero balance bank account holders will get Rs.1500 amount.
  • The Migrant laborers will get 12kg rice and Rs.500 amount.
  • The Citizens of TS Migrant laborers will get 12kg rice and Rs.1500 amount.

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Article CategoryState government Scheme
Scheme NameTS KCR Rs.1500 Amount Scheme
Scheme launched byCM KCR Garu
ObjectiveTo provide free ration and Rs1500 amount
to the White ration cardholders
due to the Lockdown in TS State.
BenefitsRs.12 KG Rice for each person in the Family,
Rs1500 amount
2kg Sugar,
1kg Wheat
Official link OR
Scheme Close onMay 3rd, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: I have taken free ration and Sugar etc. But I didn’t get the Rs.1500 amount. How can we get Rs.1500 money?

Answer: Only the white ration cardholders will get Free ration as well as Rs.1500 amount through the DBT System. In Case, you don’t get the amount of Rs1500 to your linked bank account, you need to collect 1500 rupees physical cash from the nearest Post Office. They will check the status of your ration card and provide cash directly.

Q 2: I have a Zero balance account. But I did not get the Scheme amount which is 1500 rupees?

Answer: If you don’t link your Aadhar card to your bank account then the scheme amount will not credit.

Q 3: What is the simple process to link the Aadhar card number to a bank account?

Answer: Beneciairies who want to link the Aadhar card to your zero balance account must visit your home branch and submit a Copy of your Adhar card. They will update your Aadhar card number with the Bank account.

Q 4: How can we get Rs.1500 Scheme amount?

Answer: Beneficiaries would obtain 1500 rupees to their bank accounts directly. No physical cash will be handled by the ration dealer.

Q 5: How to apply for TS’s new white Ration card?

Answer: Beneficiaries can go through this link and know the full details about the new white ration card application process.

Q 6: I have multiple bank accounts? In which account amount will be credited?

Answer: The amount will be credited to the bank account which is linked to the Aadhar card.

Q 7: How to check Aadhaar/ Bank linking status?

Answer: Beneficiaries can know the status of Aadhaar/ Bank linking by the following link.

Q 8: I have credited the march month TS KCR Rs.1500 amount. When will I get April month amount?

Answer: The white ration cardholders will get Rs.1500 amount, as well as a free ration in the last week of April 2020.

Q 9: How to link a Bank account to my ration card?

Answer: There is no option to link the bank account details to the ration card.

Q 10: Every month, my Subsidy Gas amount will be credited to my SBI Bank. But the ration card scheme amount Rs.1500 has not credited? When will I get it?

Answer: Most of the People have credited the amount of Rs1500 to their LPG Gas linked Bank account. Please wait for 2 to 3 days. It will be credited within 2 to 3 working days.

Q 11: TS KCR Rs.1500 money will be credited in June month or not?

Answer: Officially, there is no information issued by the TS Civil Supply board about the 1500 amount of June month. If any notice will be circulated regarding the June month TS KCR 1500 Scheme, we will update here. But, the ration of 12 KG Rice per person will continue in June month also.

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How to get TS KCR Rs.1500 amount from the nearest Post Office?

If you don’t credit KCR 1500 amount to your linked bank, you need to follow the instructions which we kept below and collect cash from your nearest post office.

1. Beneficiaries, first visit the nearest Post Office.

2. And then, ask about the TS KCR 1500 scheme amount which is not credited to your bank account.

3. Show your Original Ration card and Aadhar Card to the Postal Officer.

4. They will verify your ration card status and provide 1500 cash directly.

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How to check TS Rs.1500 DBT Response Status?

1st Step: First, beneficiaries must visit the TS EPOS (Telangana electronic point of sale) website i.e. or Direct link

2nd Step: After login into the web page, applicants must hit on the link of DBT Response Status Check which is situated on the left side of the web browser.

epos site web page

3rd Step: Then, you will get 3 options on the screen such as Ration card number, UID number, and mobile number.

4th Step: Beneficiaries can select any one option and enter the details on the given blank.


5th Step: Finally, hit on the Get details button and check the status of DBT Response Status.

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