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MSME Udyam Registration Portal

MSME Udyam Registration: On July 1st, 2020, the Ministry of MSME has launched a new portal by the name Udyam Registration Portal to facilitate the MSME registration activities. The active Direct link of the MSME Udyam Portal is

In the old criteria, the categorization of MSME was based on the investment made on Plant, Machinery, equipment and currently, another additional criterion namely turnover is added to it. Secondly, the manufacturing and service sectors have been brought to the same level of treatment. Earlier they were met with a difference.

Hence the definition of micro, small, and medium enterprise have shaped an environment of competitiveness. The MSME makes a highly integrated system for quick interactive services and interactions between entrepreneurs and Government agencies.  

MSME Udyam Registration Portal Login Details

In redefining the enterprise of micro, small, medium levels, the MSME has introduced a new parameter called turnover. With which, it says,

Micro Enterprise: Investments in plant and machinery and equipment not to exceed 1 crore, and turn over not to exceed 5 crores.

Small Enterprise: Investments in plant and machinery and equipment not to exceed 10 crores, and turn over not to exceed 50 crores.

Medium Enterprise: Investments in plant and machinery and equipment not to exceed 50 crores, and turn over not to exceed 250 crores.

Highlights of MSME/ Udyam Registration Portal:

  1. The entrepreneurs engage the registration completely online and will require no paperwork or proof of documentation. The portal is completely integrated with government databases from where it obtains the applicant’s/entrepreneur’s details.
  2. In Order to complete a new Udyam Registration, an entrepreneur will have valid 12 digits Aadhaar number and Pan number on a real-time basis.
  3. The Aadhaar Memorandum of Old Udyog has modified to the new Udyam registration by simple verification or Seeding the PAN online on this portal.
  4. The Udyam portal has integration with several other government portals. Entrepreneurs can gain full access to those portals from here and seek benefits and services.
  5. Entrepreneurs making registration with Udyam can have their delayed payment issues sorted out quickly. Since the portal is integrated with TReDS and Samadhaan Portal.
  6. To improvise the ease of doing business, Udyam registration introduces dynamic and different QR codes. Every registered entrepreneur will be provided with a unique QR code and by which the exact webpage of the concerned MSME can be sought, on the web portal.
  7. The Ministry of MSME makes an engagement for every Udyam registration number with new schemes and benefits.

Existent/ New Entrepreneur Registration:

An entrepreneur can make an entry to the Udyam portal by checking the Website i.e New registers and also existing registers will be entertained. The EM-II (Entrepreneurs Memorandum, Part-II) or UAM Options will help the entrepreneurs to register and Re-register for the MSME to make an enterprise of their dreams. However, all Udyam registered numbers will get the same benefits and services.

Strict Regulations:

  • An enterprise is allowed to make Udyam registration only one time.
  • An enterprise must not surpass facts or provide any information that is misleading the MSME. If so, the enterprise is liable for legal penalties under a specific act. 
  • The MSME portal shall provide instructions and guidelines for the existing enterprises registered under EM-II, or UAM.

Registration Process:

1st Step: On the Homepage of the Udyamregistration website, an entrepreneur can enter into the portal into three ways.

  • A: A new entrepreneur can click for “For New Entrepreneur, not yet registered yet as MSME or with EM-II’
  • B: Entrepreneurs who want to migrate and avail the benefits provided by MSME will contain the following. Those who are already having UAM registration, and want to migrate to Udyam or re-register UAM. For such entrepreneurs, click “for those already having registration” button as or
  • C: “For those already having registration as UAM through Assisted Filling” button.  
MSME Udyam Registration Home page

2nd Step: In both the cases mentioned in A, and B, when the registration is clicked, it opens for the registration page.

MSME Udyam Registration Form

3rd Step: An applicant will have to enter the valid twelve digits Aadhaar Number and name of the Entrepreneur in the columns and click the button for ‘validation and generate OTP’.

Validate the OTP here

4th Step: After Validating the OTP, an applicant should select the type of organization and enter the Valid PAN card Number. After that, you will fulfill the complete details. The registration of the new Entrepreneur is complete. The applicant will get an e-certificate of registration immediately.

PAN Validate

5th Step: In the absence of a PAN card too, an applicant can proceed to complete the Udyam application form details and seek an e-certificate of registration.  

Login Options on the Portal:

1st Step: To access the Officers login or Udyami Login Options, First, users should visit the Udyam Registration official web portal.

2nd Step: In the login tab, the portal provides two login options, namely officer’s login, and udyami login.  


3rd Step: In both cases, the procedure is the same. In the Officers login section, users should use the User ID, Password, and the udyami login section, users must enter the Udyam Registration Number, Registered mobile number, OTP, and ‘Login’ pages.

 udyami login

Note: Applicants who want to update the details or Cancel the Udyam Registration can access the Udyami Login option and update / Cancel the Registration.

Important Option:

MSME has made an important announcement on separate web pages that are essential for enterprises to know. On the home page, once an entrepreneur clicks the ‘important link, a new webpage will open with the following information on display. They are ‘Important to Know’, ‘Must Know’, ‘Must Follow.’

When an entrepreneur clicks the ‘important to know’ link,

  • First, it opens a PDF file.
  • It contains a legal framework for the classification of MSMEs.
  • It explains the procedures involved in the registration in English and Hindi.

Must Know’ states the following points for an enterprise understanding.

  • After the registration, MSME issues a permanent registration number.
  • On completion of the registration, the MSME issues a certificate the comprises a dynamic QR code.  
  • The MSME registration is a lifetime one, there is no renewal, and doesn’t call for fees.

‘Must follow’ states that,

  • No need to upload any documents for online registration.  
  • The Enterprise information that is registered with the Government database shall collect PAN and GST info from it.
  • The Government of India has made it mandatory for anyone who wants to register at MSME to have PAN and GST. They are advised to enroll for it by 01.04.2021.
  • An enterprise is authorized to enroll for Udyam Registration only once.

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The Process to verify Udyam Registration Number Online:

1st Step: To Verify the Udyam Registration Number, Entrepreneurs should visit the official website.

2nd Step: On the MSME Home page, applicants can go through the Print Verify section and click the verify Udyam Registration Number link.

verify Udyam Registration Number

3rd Step: A verify page will open on the display. Applicants should enter the Udyam Registration/Reference Number, Captcha code and verify the UR Number.

Enter the details here

Important Links:

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Verify Udyam Aadhar ( here

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