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WHO mYoga app Download:  On Monday, 21 June, the Seventh International Day of Yoga 2021, was celebrated across the Nation amid Covid 19 severity. Across the Nation, and worldwide, yoga lovers participated in groups and all getting connected online.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Garu said on the 7th International day that in collaboration with WHO, India has taken an initiative to global well-being. Renouncing a tagline, ‘One World, One Health Motto.’ It is one of the best example of the fusion of modern technology and ancient science.

WHO mYoga app Download m-Yoga apps Link Android/ IOS Details

He claimed that practicing yoga during the COVID 19 pandemic will give holistic health benefits. While addressing the Nation on Yoga Day, PM Modi said that although medical treatment provides patients a better healing process, Yoga can become a better support to patients in healing.

He further added, ‘it enables patients to develop positive aspects towards life. To make the program a success, parliamentarians also attended the Yoga event. The Prominent members were Sri Kiren Rijiju, MoS, Sports, Sri Prahlad Singh Patel, Cultural and Tourism Minister. In addition, Sri Anurag Thakur, Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister also participated along with Sri Narendra Modi.   

WHO was instrumental in developing an app. It happened after reviewing the ancient scientific literature. The subject was put for extensive consultation and the processes are scrutinized by global experts. The purpose of the App is to pull in global citizens under one platform of global Yoga events. The App has been designed to function on different operating systems such as Android open source.

WHO mYoga app Features:

WHO myoga app

1. WHO M-Yoga app has launched in collaboration with WHO.

2. Apps can be utilized by any community across the world.

3. Apps will display yoga videos training in different languages to make it global participation.

4. The training programs are based on a common protocol.

5. Apps enable the users to explore the concept, ‘One World, One Health’ motto.

6. It is highly beneficial to people across the nations.

7. Prison inmates are asked to practice Yoga in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and India.

8. The prisoners are able to develop well-being and health.

9. CRPF and ITBP personnel perform yoga asanas in different terrains from Delhi to Ladak. 

10. Yoga has its reach in about 190 countries globally.

11. The event of Yoga is celebrated by the Indian Embassy in the US and New York Times Square.

About M-Yoga Apps:

1. The M-Yoga app is developed by The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Ministry of Ayush was entrusted with the responsibility of developing M-Yoga.

2. The google play store, and apple play store have placed M-yoga apps in their collections. 

3. The app will produce yoga exercises with the audio format in French, English, and Hindi, and more languages.

4. Users need not panic in disclosing personal details, the security network in the app keeps the data safe and secure.

5. The Apps encourages global citizens to participate and it is for the age group between 12 & 65 years.

6. The apps are fed with various audio and video clips for learning different asanas.

7. The minimum time schedules allotted for the mYoga programs are ten, twenty, and forty-five minutes.

Global Scenario on Yoga:

The World Health Organization means Yoga to improve health in its global action plan on physical activity from 2018 to 2030 and more active people for a healthier world. UNICEF says kids can practice many yoga poses which are available on the MYoga application thus increasing fitness, mindfulness, and relaxation. In a way, Yoga has attained global attention and apps can be to the reach of millions.

WHO mYoga app Download Process:

1st Step: In order to download the WHO MYoga Android application should visit the Google play store on the Android Smartphone.

2nd Step: Insert the keyword like ‘mYoga App’ and click the search button.

‘mYoga App’

3rd Step: Once the app opens on the Screen, users should click on the install option.

4th Step: Open the app on the mobile smartphone as and when it is installed.

An Overview:

Name of the appmYoga app
app Launched byPrime Minister Narendra Modi Garu
Launched date21st June 2021
OccationSeventh International Day of Yoga 
app link Click Here

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