Rajasthan PayManager Employee Login 2021 IFMS Portal Payslip/ Salary Slip

Rajasthan Paymanager Login

Rajasthan PayManager Login: Rajasthan Government has Built-in Monetary Administration System called Pay Supervisor. The pay supervisor is a standalone server that does the employees’ financial reviews. In turn, the Pay supervisor informs the financial division of State Authorities that holds the complete database of Government employees.

Rajasthan PayManager Login 2021 Pay Slip/ Salary Slip Download

DDO Brokers Come to employees Rescue:

The Pay Manager portal takes the charge of disbursing salaries, and submission of wage slips online. The PayManager portal provides service to other stakeholders as well. The Pay manager allows employees to generate their usernames and passwords that are distinctive.

The DDO brokers allow employees to generate usernames and passwords. In case, any employee loses a username and password, DDO brokers do come to the employee’s rescue. They do support seeking new login credentials.

An Employee Registration Process at PayManager Portal:

Every employee needs to register with the Pay Supervisor Portal and acquire login credentials. On applying the login credentials, any employee can seek access to their employment data such as salary slips. Hence, here are the ways to generate the registration at the PayManager Portal.

1st Step: First, employees should visit the PayManager Official portal i.e. http://paymanager.raj.nic.in/.

2nd Step: Got the address bar and type-in

3rd Step: Choose the registration that is located below the sign-in.

4th Step: An employee should in the details that are already submitted to the DDO agent.

5th Step: For an employee, the financial institution must be chosen.

6th Step: Insert the financial institution code in the column.

7th Step: An employee should choose a username and verify whether it is unique or not. If it is not distinctive, choose another username.

8th Step: Insert the email, cell phone number for communication purposes.

9th Step: An employee will have to set the desired password by making an entry twice in the provided columns. And click the ‘Confirm’ button.

10th Step: Once the filled-in details match with the submitted details to the DDO broker, the registration gets confirmed immediately.   

11th Step: In case an employee forgets the password, then the password can be reset on the Rajasthan employee Pay Manager Portal itself.

Rajasthan PayManager Login for employee Procedure:

The Rajasthan IFMS portal engages the PayManager portal organized by National Information Centre. The Rajasthan Government has plans to serve the employees in making the financial disclosure of finances.’

1st Step: Raj state employees who want to log in to the PayManager portal should go through the link i.e.

2nd Step: On the Rajasthan PayManager Login Page, the employees will have to check the Rajasthan IFMS internet portal for DDO companies or employees.

PayManager Login page

3rd Step: An employee must choose the desired sub link as it is in, Employee/ DDO/ Sub-DDO/ Digital/ HOD.

Select the employee

4th Step: An employee will have to enter ‘username, password, and Captcha code and further proceed.

5th Step: A employee will have to click the ‘Login Button.’ and get the employee Payslips and etc.

Rajasthan PayManager Login

HOD Registration Process:

1st Step: The HOD Registration will be done through the Raj PayManager portal. First, Users must visit the PayManager Raj Portal i.e

2nd Step: Click on the HOD Registration Placed on the below of the Login button.

click on HOD registration

3rd Step: The HOD Registration Form gets open on the screen. Users must fill in the complete details and submit the form Online.

HOD registration Form

An Employee Can Generate Usernames to Login Web Portal

An employee can generate any number of usernames provided that are well informed to the web portal authorities. The username is one of the credentials to log in to the portal. The employee on entering the portal can seek access to the payroll details and other relevant information opened for every employee. Hence, it is important for any employee to maintain username and password confidentiality. The Rajasthan State Authority provides its employees an option to change their username or reactivate their login credentials.

Should DDO Agents Be Trusted for Username Changes?

In the process of making a change in the username and password, every employee raises a query. Is it safe to expose the username or password to the concerned DDO agent? How would the process of change in login credentials work? First, the system provides unique access to employees. So, the usernames and passwords are known to employees only and are distinctive in nature.

The web portal never shares the login credentials hence an employee can feel free and make relevant changes as and when it is required. But the process involves an additional step. The employee needs to contact the DD broker and the broker will render help in sorting out the issue.

Features that Come to Benefit employees Directly:

The basic objective of the Rajasthan Pay Manager is to provide an access to Rajasthan Government’s employees. The access is into HRMS or ESS of Rajasthan Government’s web portal. The government allows employees to web portals only as an additional service. The Government makes this provision to employees is highly beneficial. Before the portal lists, the features opened to employees one needs to understand the significance of it.

Payslip Reflects the Financial Status of employee:

An employee can view, download and take a printout of the salary payslip through the Pay Manager Portal. The salary payslip comprises the income generated in a month, and the deductions if any. These deductions can be against loans. The salary payslip is broken into several sections and they provide the information of many areas. Besides the income component, the other parameters that get recorded are arrears, loan repayment status, etc. In a nutshell, the payslip talks about the financial status of the employee. It tells whether an employee is eligible for a loan at a given point in time.

Three months’ Salary Slip is Compulsory for Loan/Credit Card:

For a loan, the salary statement becomes proof of employment and is attached to the loan application. Any financial institution will ask for a salary statement for three consecutive months. This holds true even for applying for a credit card. An employee can download three consecutive monthly salary slips as it is an essential criterion for securing a loan amount. Moreover, entire money transactions are put on a salary payslip that means it can be used for better financial planning.   

An Overview:

Programme NameRajasthan Paymanager
Name of the PortalRajasthan Pay manager Portal
Portal linkshttp://paymanager.raj.nic.in/,
Use of the PortalTo get the Monthly Salary Slips/ Payslips Online
Portal launched byRajasthan Government
Eligible beneficairesRajasthan Employees and employees
Category of the ArticleState government scheme
Post NameRaj Paymanager 

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