TAF COP Portal “Find the Number of SIMs on your Name & ID’s Status Online”

TAF COP Portal

TAF COP Portal: DoT has published new guidelines that permit registrations of up to 9 New Connections in a customer’s name. But the growing digital frauds are rising in an alarming manner. Hence, the Dept of Telecommunications has launched a portal www.tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in to help subscribers.

There are several instances where a subscriber’s SIM cards might be utilized by others for illegal or unlawful purposes. In such situations, the web portal will provide adequate clues to the subscriber.

The web portal shall detail the subscriber’s mobile SIM connections. In fact, a subscriber can request to block the SIM which is in their name and yet been used by others. It is to be noted that customer Acquisition of Mobile Connections Limits to Nine, Says DoT. And, the Telecom Web Portal Provides Clues to the Subscribers. 

TAF COP Portal Find the Number of SIMs on your Name:

Subscriber Can Track the Process of Request over Ticket ID:

Although the Government allows mobile connections to be restricted to nine there are certain exceptions. In certain instances, subscribers are allowed to enroll for more than nine SIMs. The new services that are incorporated shall be extended to other circles in a step-by-step manner. A subscriber can check a mobile number by inserting an active number by making use of OTP on the web portal.

After which the department of telecommunications shall inform the subscriber whether mobile connections are working or not. With the information on mobile phones, subscribers can inform the telecom dept on web portal about non-usage of the SIM Card.

On receiving the request from the subscriber, the telecom service provider will block or deactivate the number. The telecom operator will issue the ticket ID and a subscriber can use it to track the process of request.

About AF-COP Portal:

Telecom Service Providers must provide adequate telecom resources to the subscribers. In this issue, DoT has undertaken measures that make service providers provide proper services. The Telecom department takes all possible steps to protect the interests of the subscribers and ensures a reduction of frauds.

The website helps subscribers in checking the number of mobile connections in the subscribers’ IDs & names and that too operational. In addition, mobile connections can be regularized if any. The Department of TAF makes service providers responsible for handling the Subscribers Acquisition form.

Basic Features of Telecom Web Portal:

The portal provides the following services:

1. Customers may have more than 9 multiple mobile connections in their IDs. If it is the case then the portal will provide details of SIM cards over SMS.

2. Subscribers who have more than nine SIMs can inform the portal for necessary action to be taken.

3. To Track the Status of the request, the Customers should enter a valid Mobile Number and ‘ticket ID Ref No’ in the ‘request Status’ box.

Digital Intelligence Unit to Deal Digital Frauds:

Citizens with a greater number of subscriber connections can also be prone to financial frauds by fraudsters. In order to make digital transactions more safe and secure, the Department of Telecommunications has set up a digital Intelligence Unit, DIU, to deal with telecom frauds. On February 16, 2021, in an official release, the main function of DIU was assigned authority.

It will coordinate with law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and telecom service providers. The prime motive to investigate the fraudulent activity involving the telecom resources. However, at License Service Area Level, the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection System is yet to be developed. However, there is Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund, TCEPT, that guides telecom consumers from time to time.

Telecom Consumer Education and Protection Fund:

The Government of India has conducted intensive research and analysis on the grievance of consumers. The authority came to the conclusion of raising a fund to educate and protect the interests of consumers.

However, the telecommunication department got support from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and It introduced the telecommunication department as follows. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has notified the creation of Telecommunication Consumer Education and Protection Fund Regulations, 2007 on 15th June 2007.

The income generated from the fund shall be utilized for the consumer’s education. It protects the interests of the telecommunication consumers (end users). The Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund, TCEPF, is approved by the authority and has been recommended by the committee for the utilization of the allotted funds. 

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How to track the Number of SIMs on your Name Status?

1st Step: To find the Number of SIMs registered on your Names, the Customer should visit the TAFCOP Portal i.e. https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/.

2nd Step: On the TAP- COP Home Page, the Customer should enter their 10 digits Mobile Number and click on the Request OTP button.

Enter mobile number

3rd Step: Next, the Customer should enter the OTP and validate the One time Password by hitting the Validate button.

Enter OTP

4th Step: After validating the OTP, the Customer will get the List of Mobile Numbers which are registered on your IDs and Name. If you have more than one Number registered on your Aadhar Number, You can select the Mobile number and track the Report. Or else, block the SIM Card.

Enter Name of ID

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