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Keka Login is one of the best HR solution providers to big Indian corporates. The company prepares custom-made HR solutions to the business context, and the pricing is low and affordable to all. They do catalog HR solution features at a much competitive price which no others provide it.

However, here is the list of Keka services that many of their customers rely on it. The features form a backbone to the HR operations and make employers progress further with their innovative ideas by implementing systematic plans. As said earlier, the company offers services, and when labelled in HR & Payroll Platform, the pricing is as follows.

Keka Products:

The Keka products refer to payroll and expenses, Modern HR, Hiring & Onboarding, Integrations, Performance & Careers, Time & Attendance, Project Timesheet, and Security.

Keka Login hr Payroll Software Sign in Details:

Impressive Packaging Features:

Start-ups/companies/big corporates can make a selection of the package as per their requirement. The foundation package is better for the companies that make an entry into automation. The pricing is INR 6,999 per month, and for every additional employee, it is INR 60 per month thereon.

The next level package is ‘strength,’ an employer can scale up with advanced automation and employee engagement. Here, the employers can purchase it for INR 9,999 per month for up to 100 employees, and the addition of employees will be INR 90 per month thereon.

A third package labelled as ‘Growth’ sets to automate the employees’ performances and tracking their activities, and the company releases this module during covid times. It is INR 13,999 per month for 100 employees, and for each additional employee, it is INR 130 per month. 

Further, the company comes up with ‘Blue Collar Pricing.’ Start-up pricing, learning management products. It is preferably for start-up companies. Enthusiastic employers may like to encourage their employees by giving   Rewards and Recognition. The Keka provides rewards and recognition HR modules to their clients at an affordable price.

National Level/ Global Level Clients:

Keka Provides an easy guided payroll process for their clients. The company’s services do attract a lot of client-base and can be listed out. These companies are ICM Capital, boobmo spare parts experts, Industrial Air Solutions LLP, Ratna Global, and Euro Cars (Euro Cars India Pvt. Ltd).

Keka Payroll Software:

In a nutshell, the payroll consists of payroll software, compliance, expense management, compensation, loan & advances, and employee finances. Although the payroll involves a cumbersome process yet the software keeps HR at ease. Below, it states few examples.

1. The HR and finance departments make frequent changes on the employees’ payrolls throughout the month. On this software, the financial issues do adjust accordingly due to built-in calculating systems.

2. The payroll configuration is a hectic configuration process that is custom-made as per the employers’ requirements.

3. In the pay revision process, the user will not need to have prior payroll knowledge.

4. The HR solutions provide a preview before the finalization and release of the salary payslips to the employees. However, the payroll product provides wizards that enable better guidance to HR professionals. It is in the following areas.

5. In issues of employee leave, attendance, and, over-time if any, deductions and payments wherever applicable.

6. When it comes to the revision of salary, and bonus performance, arrear calculations, and dues, HR-payroll provides solutions. The HR payroll includes the reviews and salary comparisons with previous months.

7. In addition, Keka software provides payroll analytics that deals with budgeting and compensation, expense management, and accounting management.

Keka Registration (Signup):

Keka makes its registration process simple for all. A user can register and log in to utilize HR solutions effectively and more efficiently. The HR portal has promising features and benefits and complies with HR needs.

1st Step: Open the Keka web Portal URL i.e. in the address bar and click the search button.

2nd Step: The user will enter the Keka Home page. Now, Users must click on the Get Free Trail button. Again, the webpage will lead to another page the user must enter the details.

click on get free trial

3rd Step: The users should feed the details like First Name, Last Name, Valid Email address, Phone Number, and then hit on the next button. Once you feed the details, you need to complete the registration formalities on the next step.

enter details here

4th Step: Keka will send notifications to the email or mobile number. The user will obtain login credentials to make logins.

Keka Login:

 Keka login involves an easy process, and employers, employees, and customers can enter the KeKa website conveniently. Besides computer desktops, laptop applications, KeKa makes users go for mobile-friendly applications. It is easy to download the KeKa HR Solutions on Android/Apple smartphone devices. The apps software is readily available on the play store (android applications) and Apple store (IOS applications). Any user will have to follow the steps as describes below.

1st Step: Users will have to open the browser and insert the website URL,, click on the search button, and successful execution, the home page will be on display.

2nd Step: A user must click on the login page as shown below.

click on login

3rd Step: And enter the registered email address on the given blank space.

Keka login page

4th Step: With the entry of the registered email, the password column will open, and the user must type in the registered password. Then, click on the login.

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