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ODeX Login: ODeX pioneered in the B2B industry with many solutions that other contenders haven’t begun. The company makes good progress and creates abled forms of electronic governance.

1. ODeX designs the best B2B payment solutions in a real-time, maker-checker.

2. The Companies can do up with multi-stakeholder workflow and documentation of imports.

3. ODeX creates an e-form 13 for approval of shipping services.

4. While the engagement of EXIM trade, the company simplifies the electronic invoice release and delivery order release.

5. Development of a unique payment solution for Corporates called VAN.

6. In the activities of EXIM trade, ODeX issues a short-term credit solution.

ODeX Login app Registration, B2B Industry Customer Login Details:

Broad Classification & ODeX Services:

ODeX electronic services include e-invoice, e-payment, e-delivery order e-VGM, e-Form 13, and e-HBL.


ODeX enables their clients with electronic invoices that can streamline business operations more efficiently.

1. ODeX completes the entire invoice management in a step-by-step manner. The invoice transactions do complete in four steps.

2. The agent applies for invoice requests by choosing the desired shipping line.

3. The agent/ Consignee will get an immediate notification by email on the invoice release.

4. The agent/consignee can list out the invoices on the dashboard that the shipping line receives. 

5. The agent/Consignee shall receive an intimation on invoice over the mailing, as and when the shipping line releases.


ODeX system enables a cost reduction, saves time, and able quick payments. ODeX conducts the e-payments in four simple steps.

1.  Shipping line releases invoice

2.  The CHA/ FFs can view the invoice on display.

3.  ODeX makes payments on behalf of the customer.

4.  The Customer/ODeX gets the payment confirmation with the shipping liner digitally.

e-Delivery Order:

ODeX enables an instant release of Shipments electronically. The transactions are paperless, and the time wastage is almost negligible.

1.  The ODeX platform makes payments are visible digitally and with prompt notifications on emails. The customer can view the release of NEFT / RTGS UTR NO from the banks.

2.  Shipping lines provide an instant receipt on the payments and update it on ODeX.

3.  ODeX provides e-delivery Orders to CFS/Customer/Empty Yard.

Automated, Auto-Weighed an Accurate VGM

Getting a VGM certificate is essential for any shipment to the sea. ODeX does simplify the customer’s process by arranging the needful certificate and the International Maritime Organizations, IMO makes it mandatory.

1.  CHA/FF/Shipper submits VGM on ODeX platform

2.  Instantly, the CHA/FF/Shipper will get a notification at their end.

3.  The shipper will get the payment confirmation/visibility of the VGM certificate.

E-Form 13

The main ports and shipping lines have accepted E-Form 13, which allows the shipments to pass through the gate-in ports quickly. ODeX gets the digital E-Form 13 quickly accessible, thus avoiding any lengthy processes.

1.  CHA/FF does submit the online request.

2.  ODeX requests the shipping lines for E-Form 13 approval.

3.  The E-form 13 goes visible at the liner’s end.

4.  Shipping line does process the request E- Form 13.

5.  The shipping line either accepts or rejects the E-form 13.

ODeX Registration:

1st step: Visit the website http://odex.co/partners.php and click on the registration on the home page.

go to registration

2nd Step: Fill in the company details, attach the required documents on the Registration form and click on the Next button. The cleared image of Registration form is shown below.

registration Form

2nd Step: Read the terms and conditions, and then progress to submit the registration form. On approval from the ODeX, the customer will get a message on the registered mobile or mailing address.

3rd Step: The customer must upload MTO License, an authority letter to register the consignee, and go through the terms and conditions before submitting registration.

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ODeX Login:

1st Step: In order to sign in to the ODeX Login page, Customers must Visit the webpage: odex.co/index.php,

2nd Step: On the Odex Home page, Customers must click the login option.

go to login option

3rd Step: Then, Users must Enter the login credentials. They are username and password. The customer must enter the captcha code, i.e., security code, and then sign in.

enter User ID password

The process to recover the Forgot Password:

1.  To Recover the Password through the ODEX portal, users must go to the Login page and click on the forgot password link. The window will pop up, and the user must type in the registered email and click on the submit button.

2.  The web portal sends a link to the customer’s mail. Users must go through the link and Open it on the new tab and create a new password as per the instructions.

Launch of B2B Global Businesses: ODeX Profile

ODeX was launched on May 15, 2015, and became a carrier of many solutions. The ODeX is a completely online community that deals with shipping solutions. An asset to 1500 plus companies of various sizes, big, medium, and small, the company specializes in carriers, yards, port terminals, custom brokers, forwarders, shippers, consignees, and banks to do up with financial commitments. The ODeX attracts online businesses of over 15,000 and 22,000 users in India, and it is the fastest B2B online service across the globe.

The main Partners of ODeX:

ODeX compliments partners for their immense support in nurturing the company (ODeX) in all possible dimensions. They are providing time, ideas, solution-building efforts, and above all, an enduring affection. All this complements the possible journey of success of ODeX till now.

The company takes a holistic approach to develop an ecosystem of the overall activities overseas. They do include 1.  2. carriers, 3. port terminals, 4. CFS, Customers Brokers, 5. Freight Forwarders, 6. Shippers, 7. Banks 8. MTOs, 9. Transporters, and 10. Consolidators.

To attain success, the alignment of the ODeX with the following institutions gave excellent results. In brief, they are banks, custom broker/freight forwarders, importers/exporters, shipping line/ NVOCC, and other Banks. Below is the sample list of the few who allow ODeX in the following activities.

An Overview:

Name of the CompanyODeX
Portal NameODeX Login Portal
ODeX Login
Click Here
ODeX Registration
Click Here
Support Contact+91 9863 122 122
Email[email protected]

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